Water Heaters

Relax. Propane-powered water heaters keep you in hot water. And your energy budget out of it. Your energy bills could be costing more than they need to if you rely on an electric water heater instead of a propane-powered equivalent. In fact, not only can a propane water heater save you money, but it will heat two and a half times the water with the same amount of energy. So you can enjoy that soothing bubble bath more often. Without getting soaked.

Superior sells residential propane water heaters that feature technological innovation and design along with durability and efficiency.

Most models feature:

  • Various sizes from 30,000 to 68,400 BTU meet water heating requirements up to 75 gallons (for households over 5 people)
  • Power, Direct and Natural Vent options
  • 1 year general parts manufacturer's warranty
  • Extended Service and Warranty coverage options through Superior Propane
  • Heats water 2.5 times faster then electric water heaters with the same amount of energy

And donít forget that Superior Propaneís certified service technicians offer comprehensive service on most propane appliances. Our year-round Maintenance Services and Warranty Service Plans ensure your appliances are running at peak performance. Click on Service Plans in the left navigation to learn more.

The knowledgeable and neighbourly team at Superior Propane can show you the cost-saving benefits of propane-powered water heaters. Click on the form in the right column to get a quote or call us toll-free at 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467).