Commercial Energy Solutions


Superior Propane is a trusted propane and services supplier for all segments of the commercial and public services industry:

  • Commercial restaurants and lodging
  • Retail food services
  • Sports clubs
  • Educational, medical and government institutions

From workplace heating and food preparation to equipment operation and maintenance, we offer a safe, dependable energy solution including:

  • Technical knowledge and regulatory expertise
  • Supply reliability and security
  • Leading quality service and installation
  • Energy planning and maintenance
  • Industry-leading Health, Safety & Environment Program
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Customized pricing solutions

Thousands of companies depend on Superior Propane to save money and keep their business running smoothly. We offer friendly customer care and all the advantages of a company with a network of distribution centres and service expertise from coast to coast.

For information on how Superior Propane can help you run your commercial operation more efficiently, contact our knowledgeable and neighbourly team at 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467).